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inventory biz erp

           Inventory Biz ERP 3.6 Sync is a successor to one of our most successful products, Inventory Biz ERP WEB 2.1 which has sold more than 3000 units in the last 4 years. Major problem faced in Inventory Biz ERP WEB 2.1 is that branch client systems will cease to work when the internet is down. Hence we were in the process of upgrading to a software which works in branch computers regardless of internet connection. Inventory Biz ERP 3.6 Sync has the ability to manage the software even when there is a net outage.


inventory biz e-series


         Inventory Biz is one of the Simplest, Easiest and Reliable Billing, Stock management and Accounting Software. It comes with a Simple and Easy to use interface and also includes many features like easy masters and item creations, Item Grouping for quick item selection, user friendly edit window, dual menu, Multiple Companies.