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InventoryBiz Synchronization version ERP 3.6

InventoryBiz Synchronization version ERP 3.6
Online Offline Synchronized Accounting Inventory Software

Inventory Biz ERP 3.6 Sync is a successor to one of our most successful products, Inventory Biz ERP WEB 2.1 which has sold more than 3000 units in the last 4 years. Major problem faced in Inventory Biz ERP WEB 2.1 is that branch client systems will cease to work when the internet is down. Hence we were in the process of upgrading to a software which works in branch computers regardless of internet connection. Inventory Biz ERP 3.6 Sync has the ability to manage the software even when there is a net outage.
Inventory Biz ERP 3.6 Sync requires one dedicated; Static IP enabled Head office server, Branch server and client systems for data entry…
Understanding inventory status at various branches is very crucial in making Purchase Orders;
Inventory Biz ERP 3.6 Sync help to check stock availability at different branches, which in turn allows the Head Office to have strong control over branch pricing and other policies. Your business does not have to wait for end-of-day for data transfer between head office and other branches; you can set the synchronization to happen real time when net connection t is available. This helps you to plan your back office operations and production based on real time demand and real time updates happen without any manual intervention.
Inventory Biz ERP 3.6 Sync is an ideal solution for distributed business environments such as branch offices, distributors or vendors, retail chains, with the Head Office, or even any business with footprints across multiple geographies.

Features :

Advanced Features


  1. Provides Real time solution in managing Head office and multiple branches
  2. centralized management of Business.
  3. seamless software functioning regardless of internet connection speed.
  4. Software will automatically exchange data when internet is available.
  5. Branch software will function even if the internet connection is down.
  6. Head office can fix price settings of branches.
  7. hassle free business Management from anywhere in the world.
  8. Monitor profit and loss of each branches separately.
  9. Head office can have 100 branches if it is in multiple database.
  10. Branch can create Customers masters if internet is available.
  11. Head office can monitor the activities of branch.
  12. Each Branch Server can handle up to 25 Client systems.
  13. Head office can have 20 Branches in single Database.



Sales, Quotation, Purchase, Order Processing, Receipt Note, Delivery Note, Journal, Physical Stock adjustment, Re-Packing, etc. along with multiple Voucher Creation.


Dot Matrix & Thermal printer, Ink Jet, Laser Printer Settings available with resizable Invoice as per user requirement. Pre-printed, Bill customization, VAT Billing Forms Wholesale & Retail Billing Available.

Sales Invoice Features

Agent commission, Cash desk, Auto & Manual Round off, Multiple pricing, Credit limit Warning & Blocking, Customizable transaction windows, user defined auto accounts posting for hybrid vouchers, Custom columns for each transaction window (string fields & user defined Formula Calculated Numeric Fields). Import Export transactions with Voucher transformation feature, Two types of item selection options for better searching, Bar Code options, Negative Stock Warning & Blocking, Transaction Gadget.

Stock Management

Integrated stock Management (With three units, Extra column for Weight tracking) in Vouchers. Item wise, Manufacturer wise, Category wise and sub category stock categorization. , Serial Number and Batch Code tracking of products, Service & AMC, Service Voucher, Service Scheduler (with warranty, AMC and Extended warranty tracking), Product Details and Customer Profile, Job card Estimate, etc.

User Security

Multiple level user security with User activity monitors to view the activity of each user. User Administration to set permissions for Viewing, Modification, Deletion and Creation for Specific user. Password protection for each user. Automatic Backup feature for data security, Backup and Restore tools, etc.

Hardware Integration

Pole display, Weighing machine, Cash drawer, Bar Code Scanner, Bar Code Printer and Touch Screen POS (Point of Sale Machines) integration available.


Integrated Accounting with Statements of Ledgers, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss, Balance sheet, Day book, Cash Book, Receipts & Payments, Ratio analysis, Cash Flow, Fund flow, Ageing Analysis, etc. are available. Top Suppliers & Customers List. Bill wise settlement. (PDC)Post Dated Cheque processing. Bank Reconciliation Statement, Extra Accounts entry added to facilitate entry of various expenses related with transactions.

General Features

Instant Master creation, Category and sub category, sub account groups, Area and sub areas, etc. Group deletion of masters and transactions, Barcode Manager, E-Mailing and SMS integration, Budgeting and Business Forecasts, Analysis Reports, Outstanding reports, VAT statements and Return Forms. Instant view of outstanding amounts & Ledgers of customers and suppliers, User Defined reports and Enhanced report designer, More than 120 types of reports for Stock, Sales, Purchase and other vouchers. Drill down features from reports, Easy export to Excel, Graphical Representation of important reports, Service Tax statements available.

Mobile Application

Touch- Real-time Android mobile application, which comprises Sales order taking, Cash Collection,Multiple price list.



  1. Dedicated Static IP enabled System for Head office Server (Intel ® Xeon ® processor E3-1200 v5 product family, DDR4 memory and PCIe Gen3 I/O.).
  2. Dedicated Branch office Server (Intel Core i5, DDR4 16 gb memory)